By planning the grazing so that grass has adequate recovery time and timing grazing against natural cycles, the community can manage towards its desired future landscape



The Grevy's Zebra Trust is facilitating Holistic Management with the West Gate community. Holistic Management offers land managers a framework for managing natural resources that restores biodiversity, improves production and generates financial stability. Holistic Management includes planned grazing using existing high densities of livestock as a tool for regenerating degraded land where animal performance and range condition are proactively managed for. It complements current efforts in sustainable livestock production for the benefit of wildlife and communities.

Holistic grazing planing

Conservancy Buffer Zone

As a result of its conservation achievements and its interest in conserving Grevy's zebra and natural resources, the West Gate Community Conservancy have made the decision to manage their Conservancy buffer zone (adjacent to the core conservation area) holistically. The buffer zone will be managed by the West Gate Grazing Committee and community livestock will be used for this initiative. The major output will be to establish a holistically managed site to be used as a learning opportunity for community members both within and beyond the Conservancy. Concurrent with this focus on the buffer zone, will be training at a wider community level where basic holistic grazing planning principles will be adopted and implemented at the local village level across the Group Ranch. The aim of this programme is to secure critical resources for Grevy's zebra, other wildlife and the community's main resource base, livestock.

Drought Reserve

Drought reserves should provide adequate forage for both livestock and wildlife and in the long-term improve both domestic and wild animal performance. Since pastoral livelihoods in this region derive income from livestock and wildlife-related enterprises, profitability from these two sources should increase in the long-term as land productivity improves. If rangeland recovery is positive and Grevy's zebra respond to the increased health of targeted areas, the power of managing land holistically becomes critical across the broader range of the species.

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